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The Easiest Way to Take Care of All Your Legal Needs

No One Should Be
Their Own Legal Team.

We developed Bizzcounsel to take care of all your legal needs, easily and affordably. Never again will you have to stay up late researching a new law or reviewing your own contracts.

With Bizzcounsel, you can finally start to focus on growing your own business while having the peace of mind that all your legal affairs are in order.

From the Founders of LegalZoom

Our founders helped start LegalZoom over 20 years ago, so they know a thing or two about making legal services more accessible. With Bizzcounsel, they’re out to make it easy to get legal help for everyday legal issues that come with running a business.

Dedicated to the Small Business

We believe in the power of small businesses. That’s why we’re solely focused on making it easier for small businesses across the country to get the legal help they need to build and grow their businesses.

We’re Here for Small
Businesses Just Like You

Whether it"s a quick question or customized contract, we’re here to support small business owners with all their legal needs.

Let Us Take Legal Issues off of Your Plate

See how great it feels to let an expert take care of your legal issues.

Legal help at your fingertips Starting at just: $149/mo
  • Never stay up late researching the law.
  • Know exactly what’s in your contracts.